Broforce celebrates Independence Day with two new characters

This weekend, we celebrate our nation's independence. We celebrate America, the greatest nation on Earth! And of course, no game is going to celebrate all that is America (or "MURICA," to you denizens of the Internet) quite like Devolver Digital and Free Lives' Broforce, for li-bro-ty and justice for all! They are issuing a new 'Death From Above' update for the game, to go along with your weekend of hot dogs and ham-bro-gers.

The 'Death From Above' update welcomes in two new characters. The explosive Colonel James Broddock brings in his array of grenades, while Cherry Broling (the game's second female bro) brings out a terror-inducing assault rifle bro-sthetic leg. The new update will also introduce some bug fixes that will take care of any lingering bro-ken issues. That full list can be found here.

To help celebrate the weekend of our nation's independence, Broforce is 33% off on Steam this weekend. Find it on Steam Early Access.