Final Fantasy 14 patch 2.3 trailer shows new sidequests

There are some pretty large monsters roaming around free in the wild and the latest update for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will give players a chance to thin that heard out slightly. The new 2.3 patch, titled 'Defenders of Eorzea' and deployed on Wednesday, introduced some new features to the game, including "The Hunt," which allows level 50 players to hunt down monsters for big rewards.

Players looking to take part in the Hunt, will find bounties listed at every Grand Company headquarters. Daily and weekly targets will be posted, each offering their own unique rewards. The weekly 'elite marks' will task players with hunting down powerful enemies that will only appear under certain conditions, though these will yield the best loot.

Other new options for level 50 players including assisting Devlivery Moogles, who have hit encountered some obstacles while making their deliveries. To help these critters out, players will first need to complete 'The Ultimate Weapon' quest.

That's just scratching the surface for Final Fantasy XIV's new update. The full eight-minute overview can be seen below. Those looking to jump into the game for cheap on PC can still grab the game for half-price as part of the Steam Summer Sale through the end of Thursday.