Thomas Was Alone 'Benjamin's Flight' DLC hits PC tomorrow (technically out now)

Indie puzzle game Thomas Was Alone is finally set to receive its Benjamin's Flight DLC on PC, long after it first debuted on PlayStation 3 and Vita and days after it arrived on iPad. For waiting patiently, the PC crowd will get the DLC as part of a patch, for no extra charge.

The 184 MB patch is technically available right now. However, creator Mike Bithell advises users not to pick it up just yet. Bithell stated on Twitter that he's still ironing out a few last bugs and that users should ignore the patch for now. An official announcement is expected to arrive on Thursday morning.

Benjamin's Flight adds 20 new levels and a jetpack to the current adventure. It tells the story of a young shape named Benjamin seeking out the Fountain of Wisdom, as he meets some other shapely friends along the way.