Resogun getting free update ahead of June 24's Heroes expansion

Developer Housemarque is ready to release its new Heroes expansion for their acclaimed PS4 shooter, Resogun, next week. So to prepare pilots for their next mission, the game will receive a free update at some point this weekend. The update will add new features like local co-op and a ship editor ahead of next week's add-on.

Resogun's new ship editor will allow players to build ships from scratch by inputting voxels one-by-one. In addition to determining the ship's shape and design, builders can also set its afterburners and weapons. Once a custom creation is created, it can then be shared online with other Resogun users. In addition to the ship editor, the long-requested local co-op feature, and new Trophies (in addition to the other new Trophies set to hit with the new expansion), tomorrow's Resogun update will toss in a slew of bug fixes and tweaks.

However, not all of the update news is good. Unfortunately, in trying to remove the game's exploits, Housemarque notes that they've had to wipe the Resogun leaderboards, forcing everyone to start from scratch. So in an effort to preserve as much player effort as possible, the studio is tossing in a new Hall of Fame feature.

"All scores in the Main Hero difficulty leaderboard will be forever displayed here to show future generations the level of skill (and in some cases sneakiness) that was shown by our community in the early months of Resogun," producer Ian Pickles told PlayStation.Blog.

The new update will pave the way for June 24's Resogun: Heroes expansion, which was announced during E3. The expansion will add two new game modes: Survival and Demolition, which will now be playable in both single-player and co-op. It will cost $4.99 or come as part of the game's $7.99 Season Pass. For more on Heroes, check out the trailer below.