Zombies Monsters Robots 'Closed Beta 2' adds four new maps

The enemy is beginning to regroup in the latest beta for Zombies Monsters Robots, the upcoming third-person shooter from En Masse Entertainment and Yingpei Games. And when that enemy consists of walking zombies, otherworldly monsters, and murderous machines, it's time to consider grabbing a bigger gun before hitting four new locations.

The ZMR Closed Beta 2 will open up four new maps, playable in PvP, co-op, and campaign modes. Minesweeper will put players inside a dangerous and unstable mine shaft filled with zombies and giant insects. Headshot Hotel, as its name implies, is located in a marketplace filled with sniper nests. Rooftop Rumble will take the fight to the city roofs. And Area 51 is exactly what you think it is, giving players a chance to do battle in the famed New Mexico facility.

Depending on where users pick up their beta keys, they may also get some additional firepower for 30 days. Grabbing the beta code from Alienware will offer the Assault AWP sniper rifle, while Curse will provide the M870-ZK shotgun and Gamesradar will offer the Assault M1100 shotgun.

Zombies Monsters Robots is free-to-play and expected to release in full on PC later this year.