PSA: Battlefield Hardline beta now open on PC

Heads-up if you didn't get into the recent closed PC beta for Battlefield: Hardline. EA has opened the gates and snipped the barbed wire, making it open for you to join as you wish.

According to a post on the Battlefield Blog, signing up for the PC beta will get you instant access. The sign-up form still says "closed beta," but that's only because it's letting you choose from among different platforms. If you select PC, you should get in.

You'll also get a special weapon camo skin, weapon sight, and a unique Battlefield 4 dog tag. The Hardline gear will be granted to you once the game launches in October, while the dog tag will appear on your account next month. You can also earn a special Battlepack by reaching rank 10, or get some in-game cash by sharing the game updates on social media.