Street Fighter, Deep Down producer resigns

Update: Ono has updated with additional remarks that clarify his status with the company. "My position within Capcom has not changed and I'm still involved in all of the projects that I'm currently working on," he said. "Only my role for Capcom Vancouver has ended."

Street Fighter 4 producer Yoshinori Ono has resigned from Capcom Vancouver, where he served as director. He took a break recently for health-related issues, but was currently working on the upcoming PlayStation 4 game Deep Down.

"I resigned from the director position about CAPCOM Vancouver. Thanks good staff of CAPCOM Vancouver, and Dead Rising staff!" he said on Twitter (via Game Informer). "I had take some time, I think over very carefully about next things. I'd like to watch TV for Brazil World Cup before thinking it!"

His announcement is unclear on whether he's moving to a different position within Capcom, or leaving the company altogether. Shacknews has contacted Capcom regarding his departure, and will update as more information becomes available.