Project Morpheus brings co-op play to The Tonight Show

Sony's Project Morpheus VR headset received some national exposure earlier tonight after the device was demoed on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. While the device is still in its prototype stage, talk show Jimmy Fallon did get a rare opportunity to try it out before a nationwide television audience.

The Verge editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky introduced Fallon and 22 Jump Street star Channing Tatum to Project Morpheus, giving them a chance to dive into one of the medieval software prototypes. The demonstration is notable for being the first to utilize Morpheus in a co-op setting. Fallon and Tatum wasted no time messing around with the PlayStation Move controllers, which simulated arm movements, before they were summarily eaten by a dragon.

Visuals still to be a bit rough. Notice that when Tatum's camera attempts to locate Fallon's character, he only sees a floating helmet and other random floating textures. Aside from that, however, the demo ran well, with full 1080p visuals on display.

Catch the full demonstration below.