Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix unlocks a December 2 release date

Square Enix continues its long countdown to the next Kingdom Hearts game by continuing to re-visit past installments in the series. The publisher has released the latest trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix and has also revealed that it will release on December 2 for PS3.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 collects Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, along with the PSP's prequel Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and cutscenes from the DS game Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. The collection will upgrade all of these games to HD, giving fans a chance to catch up with the game's story in style. The trailer below will recap all that's included in the game, while also helpfully hitting a few important narrative notes. It also re-introduces some of the series' major players, including true series antagonist Xehanort (voiced masterfully by Leonard Nimoy), reminding players that this collection is all leading up to Sora and Riku's big finale in Kingdom Hearts III.

And speaking of Kingdom Hearts III, the trailer below does indeed add another tease for that game, but only notes that it's "Now in Development."

What... you didn't really think it was coming out anytime soon, did you?