Kinect for Windows v2 pre-orders now open to developers

PC owners looking to get their hands on Microsoft's updated Windows version of Kinect won't have to wait much longer. A little over two months after Kinect for Windows v2 was first unveiled, the company has announced that developers can now begin pre-ordering the device for its anticipated summer arrival.

Sensors ordered during this time are expected to be shipped in July, with developers also receiving a public beta of the new Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0. The peripheral will run for $199.00 and at varying prices for other regions.

Kinect for Windows 2.0 will be connected to PCs through a USB 3.0 connection, with a separate power supply used to connect to a hub. It will improve on the previous PC Kinect model by increasing its tracking capabilities, taking full 1080p video, and enhancing infrared reading abilities.

Developers can pre-order their Kinect for Windows v2 from the Microsoft Store.