Wii Sports Club getting retail release on July 25th

Wii Sports was revived a few months back as a digital piece-meal release on Wii U. The first two sports, Tennis and Bowling, have been available for a while now, with the other three activities, Golf, Baseball and Boxing, set to arrive on June 26th However, for those who missed it on the digital front, there will soon be a way to physically add it to your game library.

Nintendo has confirmed that it will release a retail edition of Wii Sports Club in stores on July 25th, for the price of $39.99. The game features all five activities on the same disc, as well as online integration, for those who want to play with their friends and fellow Club members online.

That's a $10 savings on what the games would cost by themselves, since they run $9.99 apiece. However, keep in mind that you'll need a Wii remote to take part in the activities, since they don't specifically work with the GamePad by itself. On the bright side, there are control configurations that use both, like hitting a golf ball with a Wii remote off the GamePad's "green" screen.

Iwata hinted at the possibility of a retail release at an investor call in November.