HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age is the first game from Crytek USA

Even in the late nineteenth century, the spectre of the dead coming to life looms large. So it's time to pick up some rusted weapons and put them back in their place. Crytek has unveiled a the debut game from their U.S. branch, a brand new IP titled HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age.

Set to come to PC and consoles, HUNT sees up to four players team up for co-op action, utilizing late turn-of-the-century weaponry to take out rising monsters and large bosses. Various aspects of the game will be procedurally-generated, resulting in players encountering different monsters and different environments for each playthrough. Monster placement will also be randomly determined, leading to some potential scares hiding behind each stage's walls.

Not much else is known about HUNT at this time, but Crytek USA promises to reveal more at E3. Beta sign-ups are available on the game's website. In the meantime, here's the game's first trailer.