The Order: 1886 game director discusses cinematic character creation

Ready At Dawn is going in a bold direction with The Order: 1886, taking a third-person shooter and blending together cinematics and gameplay. One advantage of this approach is that it allows for fully-expressive characters, who display human-like emotions. Game Director Dana Jan discusses the studio's approach and how the PS4 hard has allowed them to move forward with it.

"[PS4] gave us the ability to do what we thought was kind of lacking in previous gen, which was really crossing the boundary of believable characters in a video game," Jan explains in the video below. "We're getting close to really being able to get out of the uncanny valley and let people see these characters emote and speak and feel in a way where you don't really feel that it's a game anymore."

Jan goes on to detail the motion capture process before discussing The Order's visual approach.

Ready At Dawn's vision is such that Jan reminds us that to get it right, The Order: 1886 won't arrive until Early 2015. For more on The Order, check out our preview.