Payday 2 unleashes stealth-only Shadow Raid update

There's nothing worse than when a Payday 2 heist goes south, because that usually means it's time to improvise. And bad things normally happen when teams have to improvise. The latest Payday 2 DLC isn't going to allow for any of that wiggle room. In fact, in the Shadow Raid DLC, if a team gets caught, it's all over.

The Shadow Raid DLC sees teams raiding a warehouse filled with Murkywater Corporation boxes, all containing illegal goods pilfered from war zones. The target here is a priceless work of art sitting in a key-card secured, timelocked vault. It takes some real guts to try to steal from war thieves, which is why Shadow Raid is a stealth-only heist. If anyone gets spotted, the alarm triggers and there's only 60 seconds left to complete the job and exit the facility. There is no further improvising. There is only failure.

The Shadow Raid DLC is available now as a free update for Payday 2. For those looking to test their stealth skills, the game is in the midst of a free weekend on Steam, where it is also on sale for 67% off.