Titanfall restores CTF to PC by popular demand

Last week, Respawn removed Capture the Flag from Titanfall's PC version. The developer cited extremely long wait times, instead opting to leave the game mode available for Private Matches and playlists. This decision did not go over well with the game's PC fanbase, especially in the wake of the game's third update. So Respawn is taking a mulligan and putting CTF back into public playlists, along with some new updates.

After going into a lengthy explanation of how Titanfall's matchmaking system works, the developer has announced the conditional return of CTF. To address the problem of long wait times, the game will now widen matchmaking parameters after 5 minutes to search neighboring continents for players. The trade-off, however, will be a higher ping when connected to far-away players.

Respawn is also working to re-balance lobbies to help make the game a little more fair.

"We're going to start rebalancing teams during the lobby countdown if they're lopsided," the Respawn post added. "6v4 matches will balance to 5v5, and we'll shuffle players so that teams have even skill. The premise for our choice prior to this change was that we needed to account for parties that can’t be broken up. In other words, we needed to face the worst problem head on, and we’ll continue to find more ways to balance these lobbies and do better for the lobbies that don’t have the party problem. It turns out a majority of teams will have a party of 2 players and less than 5% of teams are a party of 6."

The matchmaking updates are set to arrive on both PC and Xbox One today.