Sniper Elite 3 pre-order DLC trailer reveals multiple Hitlers

505 Games has released a new trailer for Sniper Elite 3's Hitler-killing pre-order bonus mission, 'Hunt of the Grey Wolf.' The trailer shows American sniper Karl Fairburne ready to put a bullet in the Fuhrer's brain, but there's more than one of him! Only one of the Hitlers is real! But which one?

Indeed, Hitler will roam around Libya in the 'Hunt of the Grey Wolf' mission in an expansive open environment. Fairburne must traverse treacherous rooftops and gather precious intel on which of the Adolfs is the genuine article. The intel locations, as well as the identity of the true Hitler, is randomized during each playthrough, so stealth and attention to detail are vital.

Observe your target in the trailer below. The 'Hunt of the Grey Wolf' DLC is available to anyone that pre-orders Sniper Elite 3 from any major retail outlet, including Steam. Sniper Elite 3 releases on PC on June 27, while console players will get it on July 1.