Marvel Heroes debuts One-Shot standalone tales

Gazillion Entertainment is pushing forward with its Marvel Comics-based MMORPG, Marvel Heroes. The game has received frequent updates, including an expansion to the game's original story. But there are still a large number of Marvel heroes, villains, and supporting characters that have yet to make their debut. Recognizing that they may not fit into the current storyline, Gazillion has decided to unveil new One-Shot stories.

"A One-Shot story is a new type of content for the Marvel Heroes game that allows us to tell stories in the Marvel Universe that can take place within and outside our game's main storyline and timeline," reads the post on the Marvel Heroes website. "One-Shots are not entire chapters in the story, but are rather small snap-shots of the Marvel Heroes Universe. They allow for the inclusion of new super villains, new motion comics, and new types of enemies who otherwise may not be added to the main storyline for some time."

Just like comic book one-shot stories, the Marvel Heroes One-Shots will feature standalone stories that introduce some lesser-known characters. The first One-Shot, called "Vibranium Mines," takes players to Wakanda, as the ruling Black Panther must stave off an insurrection attempt from M'Baku the Man-Ape. The Man-Ape will also have help from Frightful Four alum Wizard and Spider Slayer creator Spencer Smythe, who are looking to cash in on Wakanda's precious Vibranium cache.

One-Shots are available to players at level 20 and above and can be accessed from any waypoint's 'Terminals' tab.