Titanfall removed CTF and Pilot Hunter from PC version due to 'overlong wait times'

In the wee hours of the night on Thursday, Respawn made a stealthy announcement that they would be removing Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter modes from the PC version of Titanfall. After allowing players some time to digest the news, the developer is offering an explanation for why the game modes were removed. Mainly, it's because the PC version's players are focused on other game modes, leading to extremely long wait times.

"We have an amazing and large PC audience with the vast majority of users predominantly playing Attrition and Hardpoints game modes," reads the Titanfall blog. "CTF and Pilot Hunter have not been widely used modes on the PC version. Players trying to access these modes had overlong wait times to find other users and it was making for a poor experience. We want to make sure that not only is there compelling content in the playlists we offer, but that the experience of joining a match works well. We're tracking what playlists players are choosing, and we’re going to continue to look at unpopular playlists and add new ones on both platforms."

Respawn adds that CTF and Pilot Hunter would return for future playlists, as they continue to tweak existing game modes and seek to add new ones over the course of Titanfall's life. They have also noted that CTF and Pilot Hunter will remain available in Private Matches, which were recently a focus of Titanfall's third update.