Freedom Wars trailer introduces new characters and giant monsters

Perpetual war and unjust appears to be the theme in the upcoming Vita-exclusive action-RPG Freedom Wars. A new trailer released today offers some insight into the game's story and also introduces some of the key characters in the fight for freedom, while also offering a look at some of the towering monsters looming ahead.

The trailer offers a glimpse at the dystopian future, introducing viewers to Panopticon, a makeshift society centered around creating a livable environment in light of severely limited resources. A majority of the society's denizens are imprisoned, forced to serve million-year sentences by serving the neverending war effort.

The trailer highlights important characters like Beatrice "Lily" Anastasi, the mysterious girl sequestered deep within the confines of the Panopticon cities. The Panopticon resistance centers its efforts on rescuing her, though her exact role in the fight against the Panopticon oppressors is unknown as of now. Players are also introduced to one of the game's main antagonists, Abel "Strafe" Barth, a sinner seeking to bring ancient monsters towards Panopticon and use them to rain down destruction upon anything and everything.

To meet some of the other Freedom Wars characters, check out the Japanese trailer below.