Lethal League bringing baseball-based fighting to PC in 2014

The month of April means we're well into baseball season, so it's time to get engaged in America's pastime. Of course, if you're Netherlands-based studio Reptile Games, baseball also makes a fine premise for a fighting game. The studio has announced that their baseball-based 2D fighter, Lethal League, is set to make its debut on Steam later this year and has released a new trailer filled with flying balls and cracked skulls.

Fighters in Lethal League cannot make contact with one another, but instead hold baseball bats to bat around a lone baseball. The baseball will pick up momentum with each hit until it bashes a hapless opponent. The game first made its debut during last year's Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9, as one of the many Mystery Games in rotation.

Lethal League will feature combat for up to four players. It will feature online play, using the Good Game, Peace Out (GGPO) netcode used in games like Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition and Skullgirls Encore.

Check out some of Lethal League's stylized hip-hop art aesthetic and bone-crushing action in the trailer below.