Child of Light 'Making of' video discusses Aurora's journey

Ubisoft released the final 'Making of' video for their upcomiong RPG, Child of Light. With previous videos discussing the game's gorgeous art style and stage direction, the developer is using this final video to discuss the game's main heroine, Aurora.

"Aurora is mischievous, she's a little bit green behind the ears, because she hasn't really been out of her castle much and her father has taken care of her since her mother died," writer Jeffrey Yohalem explained in the video. "So you get this wonderful mix of being precocious and, at the same time, learning about the world anew."

Lead Graphist Salomé Strappazzon goes on to expand on Aurora's coming of age story, explaining her beginnings as a humble princess and growing into her role as a valkyrie-like warrior.

To learn more about Aurora's journey into adulthood, check out the video below. Child of Light tells its tale on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U on April 30.