WildStar adds bonus beta weekend and ups level cap

Carbine is sensing the excitement for their upcoming MMORPG WildStar and would like to get more players into the game's beta. That's why the studio is opening up a special bonus beta weekend, starting on April 25. On top of that, Carbine is upping the game's level cap from 20 to 25.

The upcoming bonus weekend will also open up a number of new features, including a new Northern Wilds Adventure that sees teams of five vigorously defending their home base in a PvP setting. PvE players can explore the alien-filled sunken ship of Whitevale, as they fend off brain-controlling squids. Players will also gain access to new abilities and a new hoverboard mount.

Pre-orders are open now for immediate beta access and Carbine is adding an extra carrot to anyone that logs in each day between now and the game's June 3 launch. Players will receive 3 Boom Boxes filled with assorted loot for each day that they log in.

The bonus beta weekend will run from Friday, April 25 at 7AM PDT through Sunday, April 27 at 11:59PM PDT.