Cel Damage HD launch trailer shows off HD visuals

Tossing missiles at cars and sending them crashing into walls is fun if you're online, but there's nothing quite like rubbing it in the face of your friend that's sitting a few feet away. The new launch trailer for Cel Damage HD (which releases today on PS4, PS3, and Vita) would like to remind you exactly how much fun couch multiplayer can be.

Finish Line Games is taking players back in time with their cel-shaded car combat game, which was originally released on Xbox and GameCube. The game features updated HD visuals, along with its original six characters, three game modes, and 13 arenas.

Cel Damage HD supports Cross-Buy across all three platforms. The game is out today, with PlayStation Plus members getting 10 percent off the game's $9.99 price tag for this week only.