Cel Damage going HD on PlayStation systems

The Xbox and GameCube car combat game Cel Damage is coming to PlayStation systems with an HD facelift, Finish Line Games announced today. Cel Damage HD will be hitting PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Vita this spring, and Finish Line promises it will be Cross-Buy across all three. It will launch this April.

It will feature the same car combat as the original, with six characters, three game modes, and 13 arenas. The PlayStation 4 version adds four-player split-screen as well. The original Cel Damage received mixed reviews.

"With Cel Damage HD, we’re bringing back one of our favorite mash-ups of classic vehicle combat games and cartoon animation to give players the distinct experience of playing as if they are in a cartoon," said Finish Line co-founder Daniel Posner, in the announcement.

Finish Line promises private showings at the Game Developers Conference next month, which presumably means more details will be available soon after. In the meantime, the GameCube version, represented by the image above and this video, should give you the basic gist: