R. Lee Ermey joins Call of Duty's voice pack add-ons

Maybe Snoop Dogg as a Call of Duty: Ghosts narrator is a little too gangsta for some players. If you're looking for an alternate narrator that doesn't end every other word in "-izzle," then listen up, maggots! Former Full Metal Jacket drill sergeant and one-time Geico spokesman R. Lee Ermey is stepping forward to lend his unforgettably loud voice as a celebrity narrator, so show the man your war face!

Like the D-O-double-G, Ermey will narrate your battles, call in your killstreaks, alert you to enemy activity, and offer you various nuggets of wisdom, like "When they drop weapons, take them, you idiot!"

Ermey's narrator pack will arrive alongside Snoop Dogg's on April 22 on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for $2.99. Other platforms will follow later.