Life Goes On marches towards death on PC today

Sometimes death in video games isn't so much a permanent end, as it is a minor setback. Or in the case of Life Goes On, it's actually a positive step in the right direction. The debut game from Infinite Monkeys Entertainment is out now on PC and the developer has released a new trailer celebrating its key component: the often-hilarious slaughter of heroic knights.

Life Goes On sees a team of chivalrous knights questing forth to find the Cup of Life. You quickly discover the irony in such a quest, because the only way to really make any progress is to kill those knights in cruel (and comedic) fashion in order to open the way forward. Some of the puzzles include creating safe paths along spikes by littering them with corpses or sending a knight flying to his death and having his corpse land on a pivotal switch.

Life Goes On is available now on Steam, with a special launch week discount.