The Golf Club brings procedurally generated golf to Steam Early Access

Golf is one of those games where it's good to get an early start, to get as much tee time in as possible. HB Studios feels the same way and wants to offer its upcoming procedurally-generated golf game The Golf Club to users early with a Steam Early Access release.

The Golf Club supports local multiplayer for up to four friends. It will also be connected online, so that players can witness others playing through with their own live balls along their same course. In an effort to keep a brisk pace, HB Studios claims the game will feature no loading times between holes.

Users can also create and edit their own unique courses, setting up various options, such as par distribution, bunkers, and green slope. If that sounds like too much work, a procedurally-generated course can be provided from the main menu.

Gamespot first spotted the Early Access listing, which will include three game modes during the trial perios: stroke play, match play, and 4-balls. The Golf Club is up now on Steam with a $30 promotional price tag. The final version is also expected to arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year.