That Dragon, Cancer documentary film in development

That Dragon, Cancer tells the story of a child's battle with terminal cancer. As the game remains in development, a documentary crew is also chronicling developer Ryan Green and his family's struggle to cope with their child's illness for an upcoming film called Thank You For Playing.

The documentary comes from David Osit and Malika Zouhalo-Worrall, who contacted the Green family in June about following That Dragon, Cancer's development and their final days with their son, Joel.

"You wouldn't think it so, since our family has been so public and in the news about sharing the game, and we've been part of a web-based documentary before, but letting a film crew in to our personal, creative and professional lives was a little scary," Green said on the game's website (via Eurogamer). "We are not the producers of this film. It is independent of us. Before this project, we did not know David and Malika, but we decided it was important that people see the parts of our lives in-between the scenes of the game. Life happens in the middle and so does death."

Green adds that the film crew was present with the family when five-year-old Joel passed away in March.

Those looking to learn more about Thank You For Playing can check out the documentary's website. That Dragon, Cancer is expected to release later this year on Ouya.