Rock Band and Dance Central will be back this generation, Harmonix says [Update]

Update: Will it be back, though? Harmonix Director of Publishing & PR John Drake has issued a denial on Twitter, stating, "People writing that 'HARMONIX IS BRINGING ROCK BAND BACK' as a takeaway from this talk are pretty willfully misrepresenting what was said."

Original story: In a few years, you'll have to get the band back together. Harmonix plans on bringing back the Rock Band and Dance Central franchises, according to CEO Alex Rigopulos. Speaking at a panel at PAX East, Rigopulos explained that both defunct series are "near and dear to our hearts and our minds." And he promised that they'll be back.

"We have grand plans to bring back both of them with guns blazing at some point in the coming console cycle," he said, according to Gamespot.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Rock Band 4 or Dance Central 4 have been announced. The studio is currently working on Chroma, a music-based shooter, and Record Run, an endless runner for mobile.