Why Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel isn't on next-gen or Vita

"All the investment is going on gameplay, not tech," Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford said to us when explaining the decision to bring Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to current-gen platforms. "We're bringing it to the platforms that we know our fans have."

But why not make it cross-gen across both next and current-gen consoles? However, Pitchford said that "the new platforms aren't exactly PCs, it's not free to do that."

"There's currently more units of Borderlands 2 sold than there are PS4s and Xbox Ones together," Pitchford told us. "Supporting those platforms means 100% of players have access... We have pretty good evidence that people who own [next-gen systems] own [current-gen systems]."

Of course, with neither next-gen console offering backwards compatibility, it's likely that some players won't be able to access the new game, especially if they've gotten rid of their old console. However, "there's fewer of those customers than Borderlands 2 customers that haven't upgraded yet," Pitchford said. "If you care enough, you can probably dust off your [old systems]."

Another surprising omission is Vita. A port of Borderlands 2 is coming next month. Pitchford told us that "there might be a Vita version later," but reminded us that the Vita port is being published by Sony and developed by Iron Galaxy. "It would be awesome," he added.