Saints Row's Johnny Gat joins Divekick

The re-branded Divekick: Addition Edition arrived on PC and PS3 last week. The update even made it onto Vita that same day, despite an announced delay. And as promised, developer Iron Galaxy has returned to reveal the game's newest character: Saints Row's Johnny Gat!

The reveal came during Iron Galaxy's Divekick eSports Hour stream. Gat brought his own unique Saints Row flavor to the proceedings, making diving and kicking look better than it ever has before.

How did such a holy alliance come about? It all started on Twitter, of course, where the official Saints Row account suggested Gat be included in the game. Iron Galaxy took the suggestion to heart and here we are.

Gat's special moves will include the ability to call in cars, his Black Hole Launcher, and (of course) Saints Row's signature Dubstep Gun. Gat will also bring along a new stage called 'Da Beech' when he formally arrives in an upcoming update to Addition Edition.

Iron Galaxy also teased more information on the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Divekick, which will be titled Divekick: Addition Edition Plus. The developer will have more on those versions of the game this weekend at PAX East, where Johnny Gat will be a playable character. The developer is also promising another character reveal in the near future.