PlayStation All-Stars unleashes 'Ultimate Balance Update'

It hasn't been all punches and sunshine for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale since it released back in late 2012. But in spite of layoffs, a divorce from its original developer, and the numerous shakeups at SCEA Santa Monica, Sony's mascot-based fighter is still standing and ready to go another round with a brand new balance patch for both the PS3 and Vita versions.

Billed as the 'Ultimate Balance Update,' the latest patch for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale adds over 100 balance adjustments for each of the game's individual characters and some changes across the board, including improved throws and dodges. Adjustments for DLC characters Zeus and Isaac Clarke are also included and those two characters will also receive their third costumes. Anyone who doesn't own Zeus and Isaac can pick up the Graveyard Pack DLC for $1.99 through April 22, according to PlayStation.Blog.

Sony Santa Monica has posted the full changelist here, for anyone looking to see what's different about the fighter.