Tetris has 425 million paid mobile downloads

At Philly Tech Week, an interactive version of Tetris was played across skyscrapers. Hank Rogers, the man responsible for bringing the iconic puzzle game to the States, attended the event and revealed that 425 million paid downloads of the game have been reached on mobile.

Amazingly enough, that figure excludes packaged products, including the 35 million sold sold on the original Game Boy. And while it took 14 years and countless smart and not-so-smart phones to reach that number, it's nonetheless staggering.

The rise of smartphone gaming is largely responsible for the increase in downloads. Tetris reached 100 paid mobile downloads in 2010, meaning over 300 million downloads were paid for over the past four years.

In addition, "that 425 million number doesn't count free-to-play," Rogers told VentureBeat, pointing out EA's free-to-play release of Tetris Blitz.

With events like Philly Tech Week broadcasting Tetris to new audiences, it's clear that Tetris is unlikely to ever disappear. The next big release in the series is a next-gen adaptation from Ubisoft for PS4 and Xbox One.