DayZ discovers fire later in April

DayZ's world continues to fill up with zombies and the world has now evolved to include man's most crucial invention: bacon fire! A new update set to drop later this April will formally introduce fire, which should pave the way for new mechanics, such as cooking.

"We're ready now for our final implementation next week of fireplaces and the ability to light flammable objects on fire," states the DayZ website. "Many visual updates and changes to the engine have occurred as part of this and we're now making the mechanisms for players to decide where and how to make fires and how to light items on fire."

The April update will also see physics and throwing added to the DayZ experimental server. Players will be able to use the same system used with bows and arrows to charge their throws to get greater distance.

The next DayZ update falls in line with the roadmap outlined last weekend at EGX Rezzed. Other upcoming updates are set to introduce new weapons, improved AI, and an upgrade to support 64-bit systems.