Twitch private Group Chat feature enters beta

One of the cool aspects of Twitch streaming is its chat feature. But anyone that's ever occupied a large stream will quickly notice that it's hard to get any word in edgewise. In an effort to help make chat more intimate, Twitch is rolling a new Group Chat feature into beta.

Group Chat allows groups of friends to create private, invite-only chat rooms that operate separately from a regular Channel Chat Users running the Group Chat room will also have access to mod tools. This way, friends can discuss what's going on during a Dota 2 or Street Fighter IV match without any of the disruptive trolls or Hitler ASCII art.

Users can create up to ten private Group Chats and toggle between them and the main Channel Chat using a pull-down menu. The Group Chat feature is currently in beta and can only be accessed from Twitch's web page. For more on how Twitch's Group Chat works, check out Twitch's help page.