Skullgirls Encore debuts palette-swap Fukua

One of the unspoken rules of fighting games is that you can never have too many clones, whether it's the dozens of ninja variants in Mortal Kombat or some of the more-recent palette swaps in the Street Fighter series. Lab Zero Games is getting in on the clone wars with a new playable character for Skullgirls Encore, who's clearly an April Fools gag. Or is she?

Today's new trailer pokes fun at the cloning and palette-swapping trend of fighting games by introducing Fukua, a palette swap of current character Filia. Unlike Filia, however, she has her own unique move set.

On the surface, Fukua's inclusion might sound like an April Fools joke, but the trailer below seems to indicate that a lot of work went into creating her. And in fact, Lab Zero has gone the extra mile and made her a playable character in both the PC and PS3 versions of Skullgirls Encore. According to Polygon, Fukua may end up being a mainstay character, after all, depending on whether the Skullgirls community wants to keep her around.