Nightmare Superman haunts Infinite Crisis

Warner Bros. and Turbine's Infinite Crisis has once again dug into DC Comics' deep Multiverse vault to release another classic hero variant. This time, it's an twisted alternate version of the Man of Steel, called Nightmare Superman.

Nightmare Superman is a support character that uses his Phantom Zone energies to perpetually haunt opponents. His Possession passive ability allows Nightmare Superman to possess enemies upon death. If an enemy is beaten while possessed, Nightmare Superman will return with a percentage of his foe's max health. However, if Nightmare Superman dies while the ability is on cooldown, he will not revive. Other attacks include Phantom Collector, Vortex, and Condemn.

Hailing from the same universe as the vampiric Nightmare Batman, Nightmare Superman's origin is equally tragic. The hero had done battle with the all-powerful Phantom Zone beast called Aethyr, who had spread the dimension across Metropolis. Superman emerged triumphant from the battle, but his body and mind were both aversely affected by the Phantom Zone's otherwordly atmosphere. The newly-dubbed Nightmare Superman would remain doomed to hear the voices of the dying citizens of Metropolis in his mind for all eternity.

For more on Nightmare Superman, check out the video below. Infinite Crisis is now in open beta.