PlanetSide 2 update video reveals new Valkyrie vehicle

PlanetSide 2's development team has been diligently sticking to its developer roadmap revealed earlier this year. But for those looking for a refresher on the current state of Sony Online Entertainment's MMOFPS, creative director Matt Higby took to YouTube to offer a look into what's coming up for PlanetSide 2, including the new Valkyrie vehicle set to debut later this summer.

"The Valkyrie is a brand-new fast attack aircraft," Higby said. "It's meant for a small squad of four to use. You've got a dedicated pilot, a dedicated front gunner who can control a nose-mounted turret, as well as two passengers who are actually in rumble seats in the vehicle, which means they can spot, lock onto enemies, they can fire their own weapons out of the side of the vehicle, and of course, bail out if they decide that they need to take on a target on the ground."

April will see a major balance update, with the team running over certain aspects of the game that are based on player feedback. The devs are also aiming for an update to the game's mission system, as well as the debut of the implant system.

May will see updates to the Combat Medic class, while also ushering in Outfit recruitment system and base capture refinements.

For Higby's full address, check out the video below.