King Oddball rocking onto PS4 on April 1

Developer 10tons Ltd is teaching players that whenever life throws obstacles your way, it's best to simply use your head. The Finnish developer has announced that they're bringing their iOS and Vita puzzle game, King Oddball, to PS4 on April 1.

King Oddball centers around a giant head seeking to end the world through the use of his large cranium and elastic tongue. Players must press a button at the right moment to grab rocks with King Oddball's tongue, in order to swing him around and crush hapless enemies that stand in his way.

"After the first few levels, you'll need to crush more enemies than you have rocks for," 10tons' Jaakko Maaniemi said on PlayStation.Blog. "That, in turn, requires careful strategy and anticipation of how the chain reactions will unfold. We've tuned the physics model to pretty extreme accuracy, so relying solely on luck won’t work."

No price was given for the PS4 version of King Oddball, but Maaniemi did state that there would be a free trial available on release day.