Infamous 2's evil ending was supposed to be canon--until player data changed it

Infamous: Second Son had to make a decision: which ending of Infamous 2 would be made canon? Would it be the good or evil ending? According to studio head Nate Fox, the canonical ending was supposed to be evil--before player data changed the studio's direction.

"I wrote the evil ending of the game to be the continuation," Fox told Eurogamer. But, "we looked at player trophies on PSN for inFamous 2... 78 per cent of people decided to sacrifice Cole, so we said, alright, these are the votes."

Of course, while Nate admits to being disappointed not being able to continue the story in the way he wanted it to, he does see the benefit of being able to wipe the slate clean. "We worked on him for so long, and the world was in a good spot so that's what I was hoping it would be," he said. "I was definitely grumpy. But! I'm happy now that it ended up the way it did. With a new hero, new powers and a new story it's a lot easier for people who've never played inFamous to get into the series."

Our Steve Watts played the good guy for his review of Second Son, and it's likely an evil playthrough unlocks a different ending. It seems that, once again, players will determine the outcome of what's likely to be a continuation of the franchise. "It's hard to not want to invest more in future titles as well," Fox admitted.