Play Hearthstone to get a shiny horse in WoW

Blizzard's collectible card game Hearthstone officially launched yesterday as free-to-play, with a little free-to-pony touch on top. Playing only a few Hearthstone matches will net you a special flying horse mount to gallivant around atop in World of Warcraft.

To get a Hearthsteed of your very own, to love and feed and clean and polish and ride every day forever and ever, you simply need to earn the Hearthstone 'Mount Up!" quest reward by winning three rounds of Hearthstone in 'Play' or 'Arena' mode, Blizzard explains.

The Hearthsteed should then magically appear in your WoW mailbox. Every WoW character on your Battle.net account will get the 'Hearthstoned' achievement too. Look at this magical pony: