Soma trailer shows new voice work and story details

Frictional Games is continuing to issue brief, unsettling teasers for their next horror game, Soma. The latest one from the Amnesia creator takes viewers on a tour of a science lab called 'Theta,' debuting new voice work that reveals some new hints about the game's story.

Creative director Thomas Grip has also revealed some new details about how some of Soma's gameplay will work, noting that there is currently no central mechanic. He also noted that the game is entering its alpha state and is currently estimating the Soma's story will likely clock in at eight hours.

"Soma doesn't rely on a core gameplay loop – such as shooting baddies or jumping platforms – to create a sense of fun," Grip told PlayStation.Blog. "Instead, you'll take part in a wide range of activities; it's impossible to narrow it down to one. You'll search for notes, solve puzzles, hide from dangers, explore unsettling places, take part in strange events and sometimes just run away. All of these come together with the graphics and soundscape to create a larger whole."

The new teaser can be seen below, which adds to the mystery of the game's overarching narrative. Soma is expected to release on PC and PS4 in 2015.