League of Legends bringing Team Builder mode into beta

Riot's League of Legends has grown to include so many champions that the large number is downright intimidating. Where does someone even begin to figure out which one to choose from? And worse yet, what if that decision clashes with someone else's decision to pick that same character? Riot is going a long way to help prevent such scenarios by implementing a new Team Builder mode, which is set to go into beta in North America later this week.

Team Builder mode allows players to select their specific champion, as well as their role and position, before entering a queue. This means reducing redundancies and a better teamwork environment. So if you're looking to take the lead with Lucian the Purifier, simply place yourself in a queue and set your role to make sure you don't bump into other Lucians hoping to do the same.

The beta is set to run through March 7, as each region is given 48 hours to try out the new feature. For more information on Team Builder and a brief FAQ about the new mode, check out the official FAQ. (via PC Gamer)