Grim Fandango mod adds point-and-click mouse controls

Even if you could wrench a copy of Grim Fandango away from those who fiercely guard the remaining few, and get over potential technical difficulties, the awful controls might stop you from playing. No more! A new mod adds traditional point-and-click controls to LucasArts' adventure game swansong, making it far more palatable.

Unlike earlier LucasArts adventure games, Grim Fandango bafflingly ditched mouse controls for keyboards and joysticks. Hard-up reaper Manny Calvera was controlled with the arrow keys, rotating and moving him around like an early Resident Evil character. The inventory was dreadful too, using numberpad keys to cycle through items.

The forked version of ResidualVM makes it just like the classics: left-clicking to move around and interact with items, right-clicking to inspect objects, and an inventory with items you simply click on.

Creator Tobias Pfaff released the first version earlier this month, as a download for PC and Mac and source to compile yourself (via Reddit).

However, Pfaff warned, "It is pretty likely that you'll run into a bug that will prevent you from completing the game. So use at your own risk; so save often, and if you actually want to play the game to complete it, use the original build instead."

Here's how the mouse controls work: