Goat Simulator gadding about on PC this spring

We've seen horrifying surgeries and a fatherly octopus, but what'll be the next big thing in the world of wacky wonky physics-driven games? Goats, of course. Sanctum developer Coffee Stain Studios today announced it'll launch its goofy Goat Simulator on PC this spring, sending a digital goat out to cause no end of trouble.

"Goat Simulator was inspired from old-school skating games, where, instead of being a skater, you're a goat, and instead of doing skating tricks, you wreck stuff," Coffee Stain explained in today's announcement. Makes sense. As are all goats' lives, it's about skipping about and wrecking things in spectacular ways, pulling stunts to score even more points as you ruin parties and trash houses.

The game was born in a round of game jams as Coffee Stain tried to come up with its next big game idea. What else could it be but goats?

Pre-orders are up now on the official site, offering early access three days before the game launches. It costs $9.99 and, yes, will give you a Steam key.

Here's a new trailer, but do check out the wonky action in the two earlier alpha trailers too.