Starbound to add PvP planet and 'Director Mode'

As players continue to explore the world of Starbound, developer Chucklefish is continuing to evaluate what will eventually end up in the game's final version. Among the items on the developer's agenda is an endgame scenario that will ultimately pit explorers against each other, as well as a Director Mode that will allow admins to craft their own Starbound experience.

Chucklefish details the upcoming endgame scenario in the Starbound blog, stating that players will eventually gain access to a whole new sector of planets called Sector X. Sector X will have PvP enabled by default, allowing players and their organizations to compete for control of its many planets.

"The PVP in this sector is entirely optional," adds the blog entry. "Players choose whether or not to attack each other or work together. Monsters, quests and events will be strong enough to be challenging even with the best tools in the game. And in game events, invasions and so on will keep the experience fresh."

Chucklefish also reveals an upcoming Director Mode to be implemented in the game's final version. Set within a separate Starbound client, this allows admins to directly craft their own gaming experience. All admins in Director Mode will be able to take direct control of the world's NPC's, monsters, and objects, while communicating with players to give them new stories and scenarios as they go. Chucklefish calls this mode the equivalent of a dungeon master in Dungeons & Dragons.

Starbound is currently available as a Steam Early Access title, with the final release coming later this year to PC and PS4.