Nosgoth to sink teeth into new Siege mode

Square Enix's Nosgoth continues the conflict between vampires and humans, but the war isn't just about who racks up the higher body count... or dust pile). An upcoming new multiplayer mode called Siege will add the element of capturing territories to the free-to-play PvP game, offering different win conditions to both sides.

According to the Nosgoth blog, Siege will task humans with capturing objectives that represent strategic locations within the map. The human side must then hold off incoming vampires in order to register a successful capture. New locations will appear after two and a half minutes or after the area is free of bloodsuckers.

Meanwhile, Vampires must prevent humans from capturing territories by killing as many as possible. While Vampires cannot capture areas, they gain points by racking up a large number of kills.

Nosgoth is currently in alpha, with a closed beta set to launch soon. Siege will be added soon.