Grand Theft Auto Online gets ten new Rockstar Verified Jobs

Rockstar Games continues to freshen up the online world of Los Santos by offering up a fresh batch of Rockstar Verified Jobs for Grand Theft Auto Online. Some of these new Races and Deathmatches come from the developers at Rockstar, but others come from fan entries submitted during the recent Social Club Event Weekend.

Here's the full list of new verified events from Rockstar:

  • Twists and Turns - A point-to-point race through the winding roads of Vinewood Hills, starting at Galileo Observatory.

  • Stars In Your Eyes - A tribute to Grand Theft Auto IV's track of the same name, as players race through a busy highway.

  • Monaco Grand Prix GTA ed. - A race over a track designed to look like the iconic Grand Prix track from Southern Europe.

  • Casal Dos Ferros Race - A no-frills race by the pier, testing pure driving skill.

  • Classy Construction - A deathmatch across a construction site surrounded by upscale mansions.

  • 4 Way Madness - A deathmatch spanning four blocks, optimized for aerial combat. And with gas tanks littering the ground, there are no safe landings.

  • Crastenburg Drifting Race - A race across several parking lots, with precision turning required to avoid strategically-placed barrels and containers.

  • Laguna Seca Remake - A re-creations of Southern California's Laguna Seca raceway, featuring challenging 270 degree turns.

  • Paradise Ally - A deathmatch along the end of the Del Perro pier, across an alleyway filled with heavy weapons, heavy armos, and multiple entry points. There's also an open pathway in the middle, in case someone wants to get sneaky and drive a car through.

  • Terry's Hangout - A deathmatch in a more isolated area, taking place in the outskirts of Blaine County.

These new Jobs are available now on both Xbox 360 and PS3.