Tomb Raider: Not Definitive Edition now available on Mac

PS4 and Xbox One aren't the only new platforms to get Tomb Raider. It's now available on Mac, although without any of the shiny bells and whistles of the new Definitive Edition.

The game has been ported over by Mac publisher Feral Interactive and is now available for $49.99 via the publisher's online store. A separate "DLC Collection" (which, as the name infers, contains all of the game's previously released DLC) is also available as a $19.99 purchase, making this re-release more expensive than the Definitive Edition, which includes all the DLC.

Playing the game's online multiplayer mode requires an active Steam account and the multiplayer itself can only be played with other Mac users. The game is also available via the Mac App Store but the App Store version does not include online multiplayer, so don't get that version.