Invisible, Inc. adjusting difficulty for procedural generation

Klei's turn-based tactical game recently swapped its Incognita duds for spiffy new Invisible Inc. ones. With that out of the way, the studio recently said that it's working hard on making the procedurally-generated stages have a smoother difficulty curve, even while acknowledging that dying is part of learning the mechanics.

"The thing we get the most noise on is frustration with the procedural level generation and an uneven difficulty curve. So that's where a lot of our focus will be as we go ahead now," Klei told Rock Paper Shotgun. "The procedural level generation in particular will be continually improved until we're happy with it.

"We made the game difficult because we wanted Invisible Inc to be about learning the underlying systems instead of learning the content or levels. Even though a single successful playthrough will be fairly short, it will take many plays to have the skill and knowledge to make it to the end. We want to tap into that fun learning process that begins with wide-eyed wonder and ends with mastery of the game’s systems and total confidence in your abilities."

That mastery will be complemented by a number of teams, items, and skills that will unlock as you move through the game. During the current testing phase, it's been adding more tools for the player to use. "To make stealth more fun, we've been adding more and more ways to manipulate guards," they said. "Now you can give them new interest points, distract them, sneak behind them, get them to turn around and so on. We're going to continue giving the player more and more ways to manipulate guards as development continues, hopefully each addition will add a new layer of fun to the stealth in the game."

Invisible, Inc. is due to launch on PC later this year.